Choreography Guide
Choreography Guide

     All You Need to Know Concerning Choreographer & Movement Director Jobs


Choreographers basically deal with films, musical productions, theatre productions, video games or plays among other performed arts either in schools, theaters or in videos. They work closely with dance, video, film, and production companies. According to Natricia Bernard, these professionals are primarily responsible for coming up with or creating the physical movements and routines that the performers or the artists will follow during the entire performance.


They also work closely with dancers, Creative Directors, Movement Directors, producers and actors among other stakeholders in the art and film industries. However, these Choreographers can also act in the capacity of Movement Director because the roles of these two professions are more or less the same.


According to choreographer and movement director Natricia Bernard, combining these roles can be advantageous to the performers or actors because there will be one person directing the moves. This will reduce confusion and divided loyalty. However, overworking one person can make him or her less creative making the whole artwork fail.


Therefore, it is important to have divided roles. Therefore, having a Choreographer, Movement Director and a Creative Director will yield more if they use the synergy concept. According to Natricia Bernard Commercial Showreel, there are certain qualities that these Mass Movement Directors should possess in order to make the learners of choreography succeed. These traits include.


1. Different level dance techniques.


You will always learn different Dance Tips from a Choreographer because every professional has his or her own ways of teaching and directing. However, whether the professional majors his activities in TV Commercials, Music Videos or Casting, they must come up with steps that are simple for new artists, starters, and less experienced persons.


This is because most directors rely on the works of choreographers before they can start directing the production. Therefore, in order to make sure that every artist is accommodated, there should be different steps, routines, styles so that a rhythm balance and coordination is achieved.


2. Creativity.


According to Natricia Bernard, the only way in which the work of these Movement Directors and Choreographers will be termed successful is when they appear unique from others. Therefore, one of the traits and qualities that a Choreographer, Creative Director or Mass Movement Director should have is creativity. They should come up with different styles, performance movements, and steps that are unique and attractive.


3. Leadership and discipline.


In most cases, these Choreographers and Movement Directors according to Natricia Bernard commercial showreel act as Mentors to the young and upcoming artists. Therefore, as a Choreographer, Creative or Movement Director, you need to be disciplined and have proper leadership qualities so that the upcoming and young artists can learn and emulate positive performance behaviors.